Month: April 2019

Badge of Honor

Before even entering this most recent installation by Pepon Osorio the viewer is struck by the title, Badge of Honor, which seems to refer to military life more than the underlying issues of family and the Puerto Rican/American reality which one soon discovers are central to this disarmingly strong work. Rather than military honour, the

Uta Barth in a recent interview

“I keep trying to find ways to shift the viewer’s attention away from the object they are looking at,” offers Uta Barth in a recent interview, “and toward their own perceptual process in relation to that object” (Artlies #7, 1995). Barth has attempted to do so through a series of works produced over the past

Robert Bean allocates a major portion of his photo-based installation

Robert Bean allocates a major portion of his photo-based installation, Table Land, to multiple landscape images assembled with the selective, empirical gaze of a scientific observer. As artist and rookie field geologist, he utilizes photodocumentary strategies to inventory exotic rock formations in Newfoundland which reveal significant moments in geological history. Through these photographic records, Bean