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THE DOMESTIC custom painting project

It is not insignificant that Evergon’s curatorial painting takes as its central focus the end of his 22-year relationship with his Buenos Aires-based partner, Roberto. Just days before his receipt of the news that Roberto had succumbed to a fatal heart attack, Evergon had proposed. This verbal agreement preceded what was to be the legal


We generally associate communes with 60s and 70s experiments in free love, psychedelia and radical living that we assume are no longer relevant to our culture today. In Canada there has been no shortage of historical experiments in co-habitation, such as Toronto’s Rochdale College and the psychoanalytic commune Therafields. While commune residents believed revolution was

“Sissy Grafitti’ and “Sappho Fragments”

The title Sissy Grafitti and badges with the word ‘sissy’ on them to be given to the viewers provided the context for an exhibition of outrageously pink paintings by Rose Frain. But despite these playful elements, Frain wasn’t playing games with these works: the word ‘sissy’, with its dictionary definition of an effeminate man, and

Richard Trinkle Paintings

In 1967-68, Richard Trinkle began making a group of monochrome paintings that, according to the artist, have deeply affected much of his work since. My role in this brief account is to add to a discussion initiated by Trinkle himself, who has clearly articulated how the series came about and why it matters. First, the